About Us

Rewa Foundation is wholly and soully dedicated to protect environment and bettering the living conditions in rural areas. They are actively participating in various environmental conservation programs. Soil Conservation, Revitalization of River through Plantation, and Waste Water Management are some important steps that they are taking in the direction of protecting our environment. 

Rewa Foundation

In order to conserve our environment, Rewa foundation is dedicating its services in conservation of soil, waste water management, plantation and many more. Other than this, Rewa Foundation is also working for the betterment of rural and tribal people by providing them education and healthcare.

Our Mission & Vision

Re-establishment of peace and harmony in nature, at an individual level as well at global level.

Only a healthy and peaceful human being can create a healthy and peaceful atmosphere around him.

Rewa Foundation is working on a mission to re-establish the proper balance in nature. Environment protection program of Rewa Foundation is a strategic approach to create a healthy and balanced environment through various necessary steps. By creating awareness for the betterment of poor and helpless children of rural areas, Rewa Foundation aims to make the tribal people healthy and well educated.


I am attending Rewa Foundation's meditation session since while and I am feeling so calm from within. Looking forward to explore more about my inner self.
Meetakshi Sinha
It is really a great experience to be at peace with myself. The yoga and meditation sessions I am attending here are helping me greatly to attain perfect balance in life.
Ajay Rathor